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Roadmap To Grow Your Business

Jun 28, 2018

Going from a business failure to a business success, you learn a few things. Today's episode we are diving in to the seven things I did different to make business #2 a success. And if you aren't doing #3, Houston, we have a problem. 

In this episode, I am sharing some of the best lessons I learned when my business failed and helping you process through each of them. Some of the tips include protecting your mindset, having a focused sales plan, planning to scale and when to hire help.  Make sure to check out the show notes page at and download the episode freebie - The 7 Tips for the Hard Lessons Won from a Business Failure. It includes the focused sales plan dashboard, list of mindset books, and so much more! 

Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast with Stacey Brown Randall.