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Roadmap To Grow Your Business

Nov 10, 2020

Whether you can't wait for this year to end or want to hold on to it for a bit longer... it's time to start turning our attention to the future. And not just next year... but a few years to come. It's all part of my Reverse Goal Setting process which we are diving into on the podcast. Over the next handful of episodes we will tackle all three steps within the Reverse Goal Setting process. And up first is step one which is all about reflecting on 2020. I know, I know... it might be painful for you but you need to do it.  You need to reflect back on 2020 in two ways... your business and your goals will thank you. 

You can find all resources mentioned in this episode - including all of the Reverse Goal Setting process resources - on the show notes page at  We are going to tackle our goals this year completely different than any year before. Seems fitting, right?