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Roadmap to Referrals

Jan 12, 2021

If I asked you which number matters most if you want to receive more referrals this year, do you know what it is? Would you say the number of referrals received in 2020? Or the total number of referrals you've ever received?  Would you guess the number of new clients you need this year? 

What if it isn't any of these metrics.  What if another number matters most so you can receive more referrals this year?  And what if that "number" is only half the story?  In this episode, we dive into what this number is and what else you have to "know" about this number to make it work.  Plus I give you an easy activity to get to the heart of this number so you can use the information to help you receive more referrals in 2021. 

You can access the download to complete the activity and the other resources mentioned in this episode on the show notes page at