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Roadmap To Grow Your Business

May 14, 2019

What I teach from the stage, in my book, in these podcast episodes, in my articles and videos is that you need to create a referral experience for your referral sources. But to be able to execute on that referral experience, you – the busy business owner or professional – need to take that referral experience and make it a process you can follow consistently.   

In this episode I explain 3 variables that impact your referral experience if you don't have a plan and process to follow. And if you want consistent referrals – year after year – then you need a plan and process you follow year after year.  

This episode includes some "future pacing" so if you don't have a referral process you are following... that's okay.  After this episode you will be better prepared when you do have a referral plan and process. 

Resources and links mentioned in this episode can be found on the show notes page at