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Roadmap To Grow Your Business

Mar 23, 2021

So in the last episode (#144), I went on a rant talking about how we should be caring for our referral sources, not testing them. If you missed it, well, I encourage you to go listen to it.  Because this week's episode is a discussion with my buddy Jordan Ostroff based on the previous episode.  Let's just say it all started with a LinkedIn post by Jordan about referrals in which someone (who will remain nameless) commented on how we're to handle and treat our referral sources. That perspective was to test them for the win-win, test their follow through or time management skills to see if they are worthy of your time.  As you can imagine, I fell on the other side of, completely against this perspective. So after my soapbox in episode #144, I thought it would be good to have Jordan come on as we discuss that LinkedIn post. 

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